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Chinese Company Profile: Changlin (December 2013)

Off-Highway Research's Company Profiles are objective analyses of major construction equipment manufacturers or component suppliers.

Typical coverage includes:

Company Structure Manufacturing Facilities Component Sourcing
Ownership      Marketing and Distribution  Production
Financial Analysis Research and Development Employees

This report is an update of the Changlin profile that was last published by Off-Highway Research in June 2006. Since then Changlin has seen a change in its ownership and is now a member of SinoMach Heavy Industry, and its major production facility has been moved to a new location. Since the last profile of the company it has greatly increased its export activities, which to some extent has helped it overcome the problems caused by the recent slump in domestic demand.

Changlin traces back its history to 1961, when it was found as the Changzhou Forestry Machinery Factory to produce winches for logging applications. Its name is derived from the abbreviations of two words: CHANG refers to the city of Changzhou, and LIN represents forestry. With the gradual changes in demand over the years, it started to produce construction equipment industry in the 1970s, but the timber sector remained a key market at the time.

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