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Multi-Client Study: Indonesia (September 2015)

This report on the construction equipment and agricultural tractor industries in Indonesia is one of a series produced by Off-Highway Research, and is an update of the last study published in September 2012.

Following the record level of sales seen in 2011, the market for heavy equipment has undergone a dramatic reversal of fortunes in the face of declining global commodity prices, slow economic growth, the implementation of a mining law banning the export of raw minerals, and protracted delays in the implementation of major infrastructure projects. All of these have conspired to undermine investment confidence and precipitate a 50 per cent collapse in sales in less than four years.

The aim of this report is to present an accurate overview of the development of the various construction equipment sectors in Indonesia since 2010, assessing the major changes that have taken place, and those which are likely to occur by the year 2019. Following an initial period of desk research, an in-depth field research programme was undertaken in Indonesia during May and June 2015. Interviews were carried out with the local manufacturers and the most significant importers and distributors of construction equipment.

The report follows the normal format of an Off-Highway Research Multi-Client Study, which has been developed with an emphasis on clarity. The coverage of the report is organised as follows:

The first section includes important topics of a general background nature, such as political and economic history, economic activity and the present situation and prospects for the construction, mining and forestry industries. The conclusions of these topics apply to all the product areas and are not, therefore, repeated in each analysis.

The second section covers 15 machinery sectors. For each category the following information is given:

  • Market Size and Trends, 2010-2014
  • Domestic Production, 2010-2014
  • Component Sourcing, 2015
  • Exports
  • Market Shares, 2010-2014
  • Population of Machines and End-Users, 2015
  • Sales Forecast, 2015-2019
  • Machines Available, 2015

The third section consists of profiles of the five domestic manufacturers of construction equipment analysed in the earlier sections, with details under the following headings:

  • Address
  • Product Range
  • Key Personnel
  • Production
  • Background
  • Component Sourcing
  • Turnover
  • Employees
  • Exports
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Future Developments

The final section includes comprehensive profiles of leading suppliers of construction equipment, with details given under the following headings:

  • Address
  • Franchises
  • Key Personnel
  • Outlets
  • History
  • Sales
  • Turnover
  • Future Developments
  • Employees
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