Special Report: The Global Wheeled Loader Industry

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Special Report: The Global Wheeled Loader Industry (September 2018)

Off-Highway Research’s new study looks in-depth for the first time at a global level at this 160,000-unit, US$15 billion per year industry. Coverage includes:

History & structure of the global wheeled loader industry

Economic & construction activity

  • Drivers for the global wheeled loader industry


  • Wheeled loaders from 30 HP engine power upwards


  • Global wheeled loader sales & production
  • Manufacturer market shares

Market size, trends & analysis

  • Global market in unit and US Dollar terms
  • Sales and production figures, 2013-2017

Analysis of key markets

  • China
  • India
  • Japan
  • North America
  • Western Europe
  • Austria                   Germany                 Portugal
  • Belgium                 Ireland                     Spain
  • Denmark                Italy                         Sweden
  • Finland                   Netherlands            Switzerland
  • France                    Norway                   UK
  • Rest of the World

Market size, trends & analysis

Company profiles of major OEMs

  • Corporate structure
  • Production & sales by wheeled loader type
  • Manufacturing footprint
  • Component sourcing
  • Distribution networks

Forecasts to 2022

Machines available

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