KGP Non-Road Mobile Engine And Aftertreatment Forecast

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KGP Non-Road Mobile Engine And Aftertreatment Forecast (July 2019)

KGP’s Non-Road Powertrain services provide detailed insights into global NRMM production with a specific focus on engine and transmission (powertrain). This report is a summary of KGP’s Q1 2019 engine forecast focussed on the Non-Road engine market.

The service helps our customers understand an increasingly complex market by looking at the global production of machinery, engines and drivelines. Supporting this data, KGP provides a number of focussed reports examining the economic, social, political, legislative, technological and environmental drivers that impact the individual markets and how this, in turn, will affect the global marketplace for Non-Road mobile equipment engines.

KGP’s services provide insight that no other consultancy can provide. With almost 30 years consulting experience in the automotive and related sectors our understanding of the interaction between industry stakeholders is distilled into this report including insight into.

OEM & supplier relationships
• OEM financial performance
• Engine & equipment OEM strategy
• Engine programs
• Legislation implementation
• Engine & aftertreatment Technology developments and penetration rates
• Transmission & driveline trends
• Customer buying trends

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