European Equipment Analysis: Diesel Engines - Germany

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European Equipment Analysis: Diesel Engines - Germany (November 2016)

Off-Highway Research's Equipment Analyses are a rigorous evaluation of the structure and development of demand for one product in the UK, France, Germany and Italy in the European Service, and in China and India.

Typical coverage includes:
Construction activity Market Shares Market Size and Trends
Marketing and Distribution Domestic Production Population and End Users
Component Supply Forecasts Foreign Trade
Machines available Pricing Importers 

This Equipment Analysis covers the market for diesel engines in construction equipment and agricultural tractors manufactured in Germany.  It is an update of the last study published by Off‑Highway Research in 2013.

The analysis is based on shipments to German OEMs of diesel engines rated at 7 bkW (9 brake horsepower) and over, for use in new machines.  The study provides detail by product sector, engine supplier and power category over the period 2011 to 2015.  The report includes the following products:

The report includes the following products:

• Agricultural Tractors
• Articulated Dump Trucks
• Asphalt Finishers
• Backhoe Loaders
• Compaction Equipment
• Crawler Dozers
• Crawler Excavators
• Crawler Loaders
• Mini Excavators
• Mobile Compressors
• Mobile Cranes
• Motor Graders
• Rigid Dump Trucks
• Rough Terrain Lift Trucks
• Skid-Steer Loaders
• Wheeled Excavators
• Wheeled Loaders

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