European Equipment Analysis: Backhoe Loaders - Europe

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European Equipment Analysis: Backhoe Loaders - Europe (July 2019)

This report concerns the European market for backhoe loaders. The backhoe loader was originally developed by modifying agricultural or industrial tractors. They include a front loader bucket and a rear hydraulic excavator arm. The majority have a rigid chassis, although articulated models are available. Engine powers range from 50-165 horsepower, although more than 80 per cent of the market is represented by 75-110 horsepower machines.  The vast majority of machines sold in Europe are four-wheel drive.

This report is a new study by Off-Highway Research, which replaces a number of previous country-specific Equipment Analyses. This change in approach reflects the fact that backhoe loaders enjoy mixed appeal from country to country in Europe and that this crucial aspect of the market would be best-reflected in a region-wide study. However, care has been taken to preserve the detail and nuance previously available in our national reports.

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