European Equipment Analysis: Agricultural Tractors - Germany

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European Equipment Analysis: Agricultural Tractors - Germany (August 2013)

Off-Highway Research's Equipment Analyses are a rigorous evaluation of the structure and development of demand for one product in the UK, France, Germany and Italy in the European Service, and in China and India.

Typical coverage includes:
Construction activity Market Shares Market Size and Trends
Marketing and Distribution Domestic Production Population and End Users
Component Supply Forecasts Foreign Trade
Machines available Pricing Importers 

This report concerns the market for agricultural tractors in Germany. The country is still a major manufacturer, but with Deutz-Fahr in Italian ownership, Fendt in American hands and Deere in Mannheim being bigger than the two of them put together, the industry is clearly no longer German-owned.

The Federal Traffic Office supplies a full set of information on registrations. The VDMA trade association publishes the version of the figures, from which items such as telescopic handlers and quad bikes are excluded, which is the basis for the sales figures in this report.

From 2009 to 2011 demand for small tractors was unusually healthy, thanks to an economic support package that the Federal government used through the medium of the local authorities to counter the economic crisis. For larger tractors the last five years have been in overall terms very good but from time to time demand sagged. In 2008 market growth disappeared after the cereal harvest, ending a period of strong demand. 2009 was marked by a slight fall in the market size but overall investment was still at a high level. 2010 showed a 3 per cent decline in total registrations but good sales of small tractors made up for a weak first half in the sale of larger machines. 2011 was much better, total sales rising by 26 per cent. Demand was strong all year, driven by a 15 per cent rise in farm income. The positive factor of better milk prices carried on for a second year into 2012 and the tractor market stayed steady, in spite of a decline in small tractor sales.

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