Chinese Company Profile: Shaanxi Construction Machinery

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Chinese Company Profile: Shaanxi Construction Machinery (December 2017)

Off-Highway Research's Company Profile's are objective analyses of major construction equipment manufacturers or component suppliers.

Typical coverage includes:

Company Structure Manufacturing Facilities Component Sourcing
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Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co. Ltd (simply referred to here as SCMC) had at one time been one of the leading domestic manufacturers of asphalt finishers. In the last ten years this side of its business has declined substantially, but recently the company has diversified its range of activities into tower cranes and rental to offset its loss of market position in its traditional strong position in the road machinery sector.

This profile outlines the company’s development from a traditional steel fabrication factory to a modern publicly quoted enterprise, and its change from a leading supplier of asphalt finishers to an organisation that has a diversified business portfolio that has been put in place by a transformed ownership structure.

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