Chinese Equipment Analysis: Dump Trucks

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Chinese Equipment Analysis: Dump Trucks (April 2016)

Off-Highway Research's Equipment Analyses are a rigorous evaluation of the structure and development of demand for one product in the UK, France, Germany and Italy in the European Service, and in China and India. 

Typical coverage includes:

Construction activity Market Shares Market Size and Trends
Marketing and Distribution Domestic Production Population and End Users
Component Supply Forecasts Foreign Trade
Machines available Pricing Importers 

This report analyses the Chinese market for crawler dozers over the last five years, and is an update on the subject last covered in Off-Highway Research’s Chinese Service in May 2013. Crawler dozers operating in China range from the smallest 80 horsepower models to imported machines of over 800 horsepower, and are classified into three types of drive: mechanical drive, hydrodynamic (or hydraulic torque converter) drive and hydrostatic drive.

This is an update of Off-Highway Research’s report on the market in China for off-highway dump trucks that was published in June 2014. The study focuses on both rigid (RDT) and articulated (ADT) types, but does not cover underground trucks, or on-off-highway trucks, which have the popular name of ‘wide body truck’. Both types are excluded from this analysis. The payload of dump trucks referred to in this report is measured in metric tonnes.

The report’s findings are based on information collected through interviews with major suppliers, as well as some of their key distributors. In addition, Off-Highway Research acknowledges the support offered by the China Construction Machinery Association.

The China Construction Machinery Association (CCMA) serves as an intermediary organisation between the government and the construction equipment industry, and currently plays a central role in guiding the industry’s development. Its branch for off-highway dump trucks, the Construction Transport Machinery Association (CTMA), is based in Beijing and, in conjunction with the Mining Vehicles Committee of SAE-China, provides links between manufacturers, component suppliers and major customers, and publishes a quarterly magazine called ‘Mining Vehicles’.

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