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The Market for Construction Equipment and Agricultural Tractors in Belgium (December 2018)

Off-Highway Research's Country Analyses are in-depth reviews of market activity for 12 equipment types in other smaller European countries, together with profiles of leading manufacturers and distributors.

Typical coverage includes:

Equipment Analyses Market Shares Market Size and Trends
  Domestic Production Forecasts
Distributor Profiles Ownership Financial Analysis
  Sales by Product Franchises
  Distribution Future Developments 


The objective of this study is to present a concise overview of the development of various types of construction equipment and agricultural tractors in Belgium since the publication of Off‑Highway Research’s previous report in 2014. It assesses the major trends which have taken place since then and identifies those which are likely to occur by 2022.

The findings in this study are based upon Off-Highway Research’s own database, and on information collected during an extensive interview programme in Belgium undertaken during September 2018, which included all leading manufacturers, importers and trade associations.

There is a formal exchange of sales statistics between importers of construction equipment, which is organised by the local trade association, SIGMA. However, not all importers take part in the exchange, even though all the leading suppliers are included.

SIGMA and its sister organisation CIMA, which represents the interests of importers of agricultural equipment, are both part of the larger Fedrauto. The trade organisations assist in the running of the two trade shows, Matexpo for the construction equipment industry, and Agribex for the agricultural equipment industry, both of which are held biannually.

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