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European Company Profile: Yanmar Construction Equipment Europe (July 2012)

Off-Highway Research's Company Profiles are objective analyses of major construction equipment manufacturers or component suppliers.

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This profile focuses on the construction equipment operations of Yanmar in Europe. They are based on a manufacturing and sales centre in St. Dizier, France, while the headquarters of the parent company’s regional operations are in Almere, in the Netherlands. Since September 2010 the company based in France, Yanmar Construction Equipment Europe SAS, has belonged to a holding company, Yanmar International Europe BV. It is referred to in this report as YCEE.

Yanmar began to build mini excavators in France in 1989. From that date until 2010 a partnership between Yanmar of Japan and the Ammann Group of Switzerland operated the manufacturing plant at St. Dizier. In September 2010 the business became 100 per cent owned by Yanmar.

Launched in the middle of the 1970s in various countries on a very small scale, mini excavators first found wide-scale acceptance in Switzerland. Of all European markets, Switzerland was the first to reach the stage where the pioneer buyers impressed users enough to make the machine a common sight. Ammann was among the earliest suppliers, selling Yanmar mini excavators there from the very early 1980s.

After 1985 came a clash between certain Japanese manufacturers of standard crawler excavators and the European Union. The Japanese suppliers of mini excavators, Yanmar among them, sought to avoid further trade tension with the European Union. Yanmar approached Ammann to form a partnership to manufacture products in Europe. Ammann had a facility in France, at St. Dizier, located 200 kilometres east of Paris and 100 kilometres west of the eastern city of Nancy. The staple line of the facility, asphalt plant, did not provide sufficient volume to occupy the whole site at that time. So the two partners instituted a manufacturing plan to put into the market as many volume-selling models as necessary and the factory began to build mini excavators in 1990.

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