European Equipment Analysis: Backhoe Loaders - France

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European Equipment Analysis: Backhoe Loaders - France (May 2015)

Off-Highway Research's Equipment Analyses are a rigorous evaluation of the structure and development of demand for one product in the UK, France, Germany and Italy in the European Service, and in China and India.

Typical coverage includes:
Construction activity Market Shares Market Size and Trends
Marketing and Distribution Domestic Production Population and End Users
Component Supply Forecasts Foreign Trade
Machines available Pricing Importers 

This report concerns the French market for backhoe loaders and is an update of the European Service report of November 2011. Historically the backhoe loader has been developed from the modification of an agricultural or industrial tractor, to which has been added a front bucket of approximately 1.0 m3 capacity, and a rear hydraulic backhoe with a bucket of around 0.2 m3 capacity.

The backhoe loader was for a long time a favourite tool for small excavation works among contractors in France and its popularity encouraged manufacturers to develop sophisticated transmissions, particularly in respect of features such as instant reversing and 4-wheel steering. The machine owed its success to its versatility and flexibility which ideally suited it to the work of jobbing contractors, often owner operators, who were able to adapt quickly to the specific requirements of each job. Contractors are now much less dependent on the backhoe loader as their basic tool, and in recent years they have begun to move towards the use of other compact machines.

The products covered in this report include rigid, articulated and all-wheel steer types of purpose- built backhoe loaders ranging from 40 to 120 horsepower. Small, under 40 horsepower machines are excluded, as are wheeled loaders, skid steer loaders and agricultural and industrial tractors to which a backhoe has been fitted.

The findings presented in this report are based on Off-Highway Research’s International Database service and on information gathered during an interview programme undertaken in France with leading importers in December 2014 and January 2015.

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